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2023 Webinar Schedule

Expanding Eligibility Pathways Beyond Traditional Academic Requirements

Thursday, October 12 from 12 pm – 1 pm ET


Historically, many certification or licensure programs have limited eligibility to a traditional education requirement (degree / diploma, etc.). However, with looming labor market shortages, and an increased focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion priorities, certification and licensure programs may benefit from considering how they may create alternative pathways to eligibility.

This webinar will explore:

• What alternative pathways are there such as Federal and State apprenticeship and workforce Initiatives, experiential, etc.

• Suggested methodologies that a certification/licensing organization may use to determine/map equivalency to existing eligibility criteria.

• How this supports diversity, equity, and inclusion in reducing barriers to practice


Melissa R. Nosik, PhD, BCBA-D, ICE-CCP, SHRM-SCP

Melissa R. Nosik, PhD, BCBA-D, ICE-CCP, SHRM-SCP is the Chief Executive Officer of the Competency & Credentialing Institute. Her professional interests include professional credentialing, nonprofit association management, regulation, governance practices, and leadership training. Dr. Nosik has 25 years of experience practicing and overseeing organizations in healthcare. She has served as a board member and on the advisory boards of several nonprofit organizations at the national and state level.

Lorraine McKay, M.A. Psych, CHRP

Lorraine co-founded HRSG in 1989 to build a strong Talent Management Solutions company based on a foundation of utilizing competencies. Since then, the company has gained the reputation of one of the premier competency solution providers in the world. For over 35 years Lorraine has been passionate about improving talent management within organizations and in building capacity within professional associations and industry sectors. She has worked with thousands of organizations to facilitate implementation of competencies and to design competency frameworks, assessment tools and career development solutions for organizations that provide certification to professionals in health care, education and other fields. Lorraine is a Certified Human Resource Leader and licensed Psychologist. In 2022 she won the award for Lifetime Achievement as Businesswoman of the Year.

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Innovative Assessment Strategies – Are They Accessible to All Test-takers?  

Monday, October 30 from 12 pm – 1 pm ET


The testing and credentialing industry has undergone several innovative initiatives in assessment development over the past decade. Test developers have adopted item formats that utilize technology and/or multiple layers of navigation tasks to create more authentic assessments which capture a candidate’s ability to critically think and perform at acceptable levels of competence in their roles. While all the changes and enhancements may be positive developments from the perspective of test-taker engagement, they may present new barriers to test-takers with disabilities. 
The Innovative Assessment Strategies webinar is designed to continue the conversation among industry supporters and address what test sponsors and test developers should consider as new assessment design plans are outlined and updated. A key consideration (and the focus of the webinar) is ensuring accessibility and fairness to candidates with disabilities. The panel will discuss how test sponsors may tackle accessibility and fairness in test design,  outline operational considerations, and think about any psychometric implications to variations in test design. 


John Hosterman, PhD
Maria Incrocci, PhD, RPh
Bill West, MBA, ICE-CCP

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Ghost Blueprints: Using Secondary Classification Systems to Manage Content Diversity During Exam Assembly

Thursday, November 16 from 1 pm – 2 pm ET


Have you wanted to increase content diversity on your exams? Secondary classification systems are here to help! 

After going through an extensive JTA and developing a meticulous blueprint, you may still feel like your exam needs more. Whether your content outline needs to be expanded or there are additional criteria that need to be considered, secondary blueprints can help you ensure that your exams meet your expectations. 

Many Meazure Learning clients have found creative ways to incorporate secondary classifications into their item banks and exams, and they have used the classifications to diversify their exam forms. Whether addressing cognitive levels, geographical regions, or specific item topics, these classifications allow our test development team to build exams that cover the “right” content in the “right” amount. 

Join this session to hear test development specialists and certification professionals discuss the advantages (and possible disadvantages) of incorporating secondary classification systems into item banks and exams. Session participants will discover the difference between primary and secondary classification systems—and how they affect the exam blueprint. By the end of the session, participants will have a better understanding of how secondary classifications can solve common exam content problems.


Jenn Hatch
Jennifer Hatch has been a Senior Assessment Development Specialist at Meazure Learning since 2011. In this role, Mrs. Hatch trains subject matter experts in developing quality examination items for high-stakes, competency-based examinations; reviews items for psychometric integrity; manages examination item banks; assembles examinations according to the test specifications; and facilitates examination review and test publishing activities. Mrs. Hatch is a member of I.C.E.’s Microvolunteer Taskforce. Mrs. Hatch came to Meazure Learning with a wealth of experience in science education and instructional design. Prior to joining Meazure Learning, Mrs. Hatch served as a senior instructional designer, authoring content for grades K-12 and managing and collaborating with subject matter experts about content, curriculum development, instructional methodologies, and custom, state, and national alignments. She also served as a science teacher at a district high school with diverse student abilities, planning and implementing lessons for physics, chemistry, and earth science. Mrs. Hatch holds a Master of Science degree in Applied Physics—Astrogeology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Merged Physics and Astronomy, both from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Michelle Gowans
Michelle Gowans has served as an Assessment Development Manager at Meazure Learning since 2016. In this role, Ms. Gowans trains subject matter experts in developing quality examination items for high-stakes, competency-based examinations; reviews items for psychometric integrity; manages examination item banks; assembles examinations according to the test specifications; and facilitates examination review and test publishing activities. Prior to joining Meazure Learning, Ms. Gowans served as a special education teacher for over six years. She is skilled at facilitating discussions with diverse populations and has a passion for problem-solving and using data to help individuals and groups reach their objectives. Ms. Gowans is a member of I.C.E.’s Microvolunteer Taskforce. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Special Education from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Sandra Williams
Sandy Williams has worked for the American Bankers Association (ABA) for over 29 years. Developed by experts in the financial services industry, ABA certifications are acknowledged industry-wide as the symbol of excellence in banking skills and knowledge. ABA promotes continuous career development for bankers through a wide range of job-specific professional certifications in six areas - compliance, wealth management and trust, risk management and bank marketing. As Senior Director of Exams, Sandy has an important role in managing over 80 volunteers who are split among 6 Advisory Boards and 6 Working Groups, and serves as the liaison between ABA and the team at Meazure Learning.

Leeann Manlove
Leeann Manlove is a Credentialing Specialist at Regulator Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS). She plays an integral part in overseeing the Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) program, which is the leading post-academic professional credential for regulatory professionals in the healthcare product sector, and in developing new certifications that will shape the future of the regulatory profession. Her previous work as a certification project manager and exam developer has provided her with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which she brings to her role to ensure the development of high-quality and relevant certifications for regulatory professionals. With over 13 years of experience working with non-profit organizations and certifications, Mrs. Manlove brings a unique perspective to her work at RAPS, ensuring that the certifications developed are of high quality and meet the industry's needs.

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CAE approved web icon.png As a CAE Approved Provider educational program related to the CAE exam content outline, I.C.E.'s Live Webinars may be applied for 1 credit toward your CAE application or renewal professional development requirements.

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