Institute for Credentialing Excellence

Meet our I.C.E. Award Winners

Roundtable Discussion With 2022 Award Winners

Jerry Reid, PhD, 2019 Innovator Award and 2022 Credentialing Industry Leadership Award

Brian Lawson, PharmD, Next Gen Professional

Todd Galati, MA, Credentialing Industry Leadership

Ashley Bardsley, Next Gen Professional

Jim Henderson, PhD, Lifetime Achievement

About the I.C.E. Awards Program

I.C.E. recognizes individuals who demonstrated innovative leadership in the field of professional credentialing, and outstanding commitment or service to I.C.E.

The Call for Awards typically launches in May with nominations due in August. Nominees are asked to submit inforamtion regarding their professional career (typically a resumee and bio), and resopnses to questions on how they meet the award criteria. Nominees must be members of I.C.E. 

Ben Shimberg Public Service Award

I.C.E. is honored to support the Dr. Benjamin Shimberg Public Service Award, which recognizes an individual whose career and accomplishments support accountability and advance the public interest in professional licensure and certification. The award was created by the Citizen Advocacy Center, a networking and training organization for public members, in memory of Benjamin Shimberg, a giant in the field and CAC’s first board chair. Ben was a prolific author, renowned speaker, and a true believer that well-chosen, well-supported public members add depth and accountability to organizational decision making. I.C.E. thanks the Public Member Committee, who nominate and select the individual receiving

I.C.E. thanks the Public Member Committee, who nominate and select the individual receiving this award.Learn the history of the award, the nomination and selection process, and past recipients on Public Member Page.

Past Recipients

Lifetime Achievement Award 

I.C.E.’s most prestigious award, recognizing long-standing, extraordinary contributions to the credentialing industry, whose vision, efforts, commitment and contributions advanced the credentialing profession.

2022 Grady Colson Barnhill, MEd  
2021 Denise Fandel, MBA, CAE
2021 Lawrence J. Fabrey, PhD
2019 James Henderson, PhD
2018 Cynthia C. Durley
2017 Joan E. Knapp
2016 Carol Hartigan
2015 David Swankin
2014 Paul Grace
2010 William Hogan
2000 Ben Shimberg
1999 Dennis Faulk

Credentialing Industry Leadership Award

Innovative leadership in the credentialing and/or licensure industry by developing, implementing and researching programs or practices

2023 Chad W. Buckendahl, Ph.D., ICE-CCP
2022 Jerry B. Reid, PhD
2021 William Ellis, RPh, MS
2020 Todd Galati, MA
2019 Rory E. McCorkle, PhD, MBA, CAE, PMP, SPHR, NPDP
2018 Cary List
2017 Lawrence J. Fabrey
2016 Denise Fandel
2015 Ray Infante
2014 Karen Plaus
2013 Denise Humphrey
2011 Cynthia Miller Murphy
2009 Lynn D. Anderson
2008 Melissa Murer Corrigan
2007 Lenora G. Knapp
2006 Susan H. Eubanks
2005 I. Leon Smith
2004 Gary Smith
2003 Mary Smolenski
2002 Paul Grace
2001 James Henderson, PhD
2000 Tom Clawson

The Mary Macomber Service Award

Displayed exemplary service and commitment to the community of I.C.E. and the organization, has been instrumental in facilitating the achievement of the I.C.E.’s goals, and has demonstrated a history of volunteer service in I.C.E.

2023 Tracy Lofty, MSA, CAE
2022 Janice Moore, ICE-CCP
2022 Cynthia Allen, ICE-CCP
2021 Linda Waters, PhD
2020 Rebecca LeBuhn
2019 Michelle Nolin, CPLP
2018 John Wickett
2017 Christopher Butcher
2016 Linda Lysoby
2015 Jefferson Glassie
2014 Sandra Greenberg
2013 Paul Grace
2012 James Henderson
2011 Johnna Gueorguieva
2010 Francine Butler
2009 Lawrence J. Fabrey
2008 Cynthia Durley
2007 Richard A. Goldberg
2006 Larry Early
2005 Joan Knapp
2004 David Swankin
2003 James Hogan
2002 Maralyn Turner
2001 Michael Martin

Innovator Award 

Recognizes an individual or organization who/which created an innovative approach to a product, policy, process, or system that transforms or achieves a new level of success in a unique and innovative wayy and also is transformative and replicable for other individuals/organizations.

2023 Board of Pharmacy Specialties
2023 The National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA)
2022 The National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) Inc. JEDI Reflection Points
2022 American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) CertLink
2019 Jerry B. Reid, PhD
2018 NBCOT

NextGen Professional Award 

Indivduals in the early development of their credentialing career, who demonstrates commitment to developing skills necessary for success in the credentialing profession, a desire to create a career path in credentialing, and a willingness to mentor others within their organization.

2023 Jessica Dangles, MBA, MS, PMP
2023 Pamela Ing, PhD, ICE-CCP
2022 Shelby Williamson, MBA, ICE-CCP
2021 Brian Lawson, PharmD
2021 Danielle Geddes
2020 Jason Fine
2020 Amin Saiar, PhD
2019 Ashley Bardsley
2019 Norah Duffy
2018 Cynthia Sena Kusorgbor-Narh

Research Award

An individual or organization that conducted credentialing-related research of particular significance to the I.C.E. community, recognizing best practice in research as well as the impact on the credentialing community.

2021 American Board of Pediatrics
2020 American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)
2019 National Board of Certification and Re-certification for Nurse Anesthetists