Call for Proposals Opens in February 2019

Start planning now to submit a proposal to present at our 2019 ICE Exchange. 

Proposal Submission Timeline

  • February 2019: Call for Proposals Opens
  • March 2019: Call for Proposals Closes
  • May 2019: Proposal Notifications sent out

Proposal Submission Guidance

Who presents at the ICE Exchange?

ICE Exchange presenters are professionals with expertise in various aspects of developing and maintaining credentialing programs:

    • Administrative and organizational leaders of certification and assessment-based certificate programs
    • Psychometricians and other credentialing professionals focused on assessment and methodology
    • Credentialing researchers and faculty
    • Individuals who have worked with credentialing consultants to develop or enhance credentialing programs
    • Credentialing consultants*

*If you are an employee of a company that provides products or consulting services to credentialing organizations, you must co-present with at least one representative from a credentialing body for your submission to be considered.

What types of sessions does ICE solicit speakers for?

ICE accepts proposals for the following sessions:

    • Half-day Pre-conference workshops— Scheduled for 3 hours on the first day of the conference, November 18
    • Concurrent sessions— 60 or 90 minute presentations
    • Jump Start sessions—60-minute presentations in the early morning 
    • Lightening Learning sessions—15-minute presentations providing 3-5 key concepts 
    • Roundtables—45-minute facilitated discussions (no PowerPoint)
    • E-Posters—A single-slide of information displayed throughout the conference, with the opportunity for authors to host an informal 10-minute discussion on your e-poster

What is included on the proposal form

The online proposal application must be submitted in one, timed sitting.Prepare to gather all information and resources before beginning the application. The proposal application will include:

    • Session Title
    • Track (2018 Tracks included: Business of Certification, Test Development and Administration, Security, Records and Data Management, Assessment-based Certification Programs, and Marking and Communications)
    • Session Description
    • Session Learning Objectives (minimum of 3)
    • Target Audience
    • Teaching Formats, Methods, Strategies
    • Session Type
    • Session Submitter
    • Presenter & Co-presenters, and bios

What else should I know?

Session Submitter: The individual who submits your proposal will serve as the point of contact with ICE. Their responsibilities include accepting to present the session on behalf of all session presenters, confirming session information, and ensuring deadlines are met. Please ensure the Session Submitter is aware of their duties.

Promotion Limitation: Promotion of specific product solutions or services is not permitted in educational sessions. Inclusion of such material may preclude the organizers from being allowed to submit proposals for future ICE conferences. Please be careful that your case study does not accidentally turn into a product solution showcase.

Cancellation Policy: Once a session has been accepted and printed in promotional materials, it imposes a serious burden to ICE to cancel. Please do not submit a proposal if you are uncertain that you will be able to fulfill your obligation to organize and conduct the session. 

Conference Registration Required: Those submitting a proposal understand that all speakers listed as part of the presentation team must register for the ICE Exchange conference as well as assume responsibility for any expenses related to travel to the Exchange if accepted; there are no exceptions to this policy.