Institute for Credentialing Excellence

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

In September of 2021, the I.C.E. Board of Directors approved a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion statement prepared by the DE&I Task Force in accordance with the I.C.E. Strategic Ends Statement on diversity, equity and inclusion. The statement was developed specifically with I.C.E. and the credentialing community in mind. Over the coming months, you will begin to see information about the statement as we incorporate it into our operations and programming. If you have any questions about the development or incorporation of the statement, feel free to reach out to Denise Roosendaal at droosendaal@credentialingexcellence.org.

I.C.E.'s DE&I Statement

The Institute for Credentialing Excellence values diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels of the organization. I.C.E. defines diversity to include traditional notions of diversity (age, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, disability, appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity, personality type), as well as:

• Cultural Identities
• Geographic Bias (Citizenship)
• Multi-generational Factors
• Gender Expression and Identity
• Disability (Visible and Invisible)
• Societal Attributes (Inclusive of Personal Presentation & Self-Expression)

We welcome and respect the unique perspectives, opinions and experiences of each I.C.E. member, as this is a pillar of our ability to serve our stakeholders. We commit to working towards removing barriers, internally and externally, to achieve true diversity, equity and inclusion for the professional credentialing community.