Institute for Credentialing Excellence

Accreditation Online Application Features

ICE utilizes an online portal, LearningBuilder, for all accreditation offerings: NCCA, ACAP, and ISO/IEC 17024. Review the features below to improve your navigation of the online accreditation process. Then, navigate to the accreditation service that is applicable to your program (NCCA, ACAP, or ISO/IEC 17024) and click "Online Application" to access and explore the upgraded LearningBuilder portal. 

Add Additional Contacts Under “My Account”

Add additional email addresses to your account so multiple users receive accreditation-related communications sent via the LearningBuilder platform. Communications include application status updates, inquiry requests, and due date reminders.

To add additional emails:

  • Click “My Account” in the top right corner of the online portal.
  • Click on the “edit” icon next to “Email Addresses” in the left panel of your member page.
  • Click “Add Email Address.”
  • Enter additional email addresses and check the “Receive notifications” box to ensure they receive emails from the online portal.

Recall Functionality

Use the recall feature to update or make changes to a response you have already saved.

  • Recall any saved step in your application/report by clicking the "More Options" (three dots) icon and selecting "recall".

Note: This feature is not available for use after you have submitted your application for review

PDF of Application

View or download a PDF version of your application.

  • Open the application for  the program which you would like by clicking the “View” button next to the appropriate program listing.
  • Once inside the application, click on the "More Options" (three dots) at the top of your application 
  • Click the “Show Incomplete Items” button.
  • Click the “Printer Friendly” button to print the document.

Quick Save

Save your progress along the way, and avoid full page reloads when completing applications and reports.

  • Click “complete” after each step you finish.
  • You will notice a warning that reads, “The page may be out of date” along with a “Refresh” button. This prevents the full application from reloading at each step; saving you time as you work through your application/report.
  • Continue your application with all your information saved and click “Refresh” when you are ready to see an updated version of your completed application/report.

Rich Text Fields & Character Count

Responses can now be submitted in rich text, which provides more formatting and linking capabilities.

  • Enlarge the input field to full screen by clicking the expand  icon, or make the field bigger by dragging the lower right corner .
  • The character limit for the narrative explanation is 5,000 (might be slightly less if the text includes HTML rich text link weblinks)

Upload Size Limits & Enhanced Document Uploads

Uploaded documents have a size limit of 25 MB. You can view a PDF version of the documents you’ve uploaded in your browser. 

  • Instead of downloading a PDF, click the PDF  icon to view it via your web browser.

  • You can still download the original by clicking the download  icon.

Note: Not all document types can be viewed directly in your browser.

Refreshed User Interface and Responsive Design

The interface now has a cleaner look and responsive design, allowing users to access and update many of the pages from an electronic device.