Institute for Credentialing Excellence

Application, Renewal, and Maintenance Fees

Application fee -
includes one (1) program/level:
$2,800 (includes up to 8 hours of desk review)
Additional programs/levels: $500 (for 1 year)
Desk Review fee (over 8 hours): $150/hr. (maximum billing $2500)
Assessment fee -
Domestic/U.S. and Canada:

$1,400 per 8-hour day per assessor
$1,400 per 8-hour day per assessor
Review of Findings (over 8 hours): $150/hr. 
Assessor travel time:
Domestic/U.S. and Canada:

$600 per 8-hour day
$600 per 8-hour day
Assessor travel expenses: Billed at direct cost
Renewal fees:
a. 1-year renewal:
    Additional programs/levels:

$500 each

Program (scope) expansion
a. Basic Fee (includes 1 program):
b. Review fee:
c. On-site assessment expenses (if required), at rates noted above. 

$150 per hour after 4 hours



(a) Program fields are defined as professional disciplines which are supported in the certification development process by a single job-analysis study and which require a common assessment scheme. A single program field may include sub-specialties in which specialty certifications are awarded. Additional time is typically required for assessment of certification bodies which offer sub-specialties.