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Application Process

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Read below for additional information regarding each step of the application process.

Educational Opportunities


Educational Opportunities

ICE and IAS offer live workshops annually to assist applicants interested in dual accreditation.  For further information on upcoming events, visit the workshop link above or send an inquiry to

Review Standard & Internal Audit

Conduct Internal Audit

  • The Organization, or Personnel Certification body (PCB) should conduct and internal audit based on ISO/IEC 17024 Standards prior to or at the same time as preparing the application. Access the Internal Audit Guidance Document.

Complete Online Application

  • Notification of intent to apply is done by starting an application online through ICE's application portal.
  • If an NCCA application is already available in the online system (i.e. it was submitted for accreditation or reaccreditation since 2013), you can start an application for accreditation to ISO/IEC 17024. 
    • Please note: When starting your ISO/IEC 17024 application, you must enter exactly the same name and designation as was entered for your NCCA accreditation application. This will allow the information from the NCCA application to be copied over to the ISO/IEC 17024 application where the requirements overlap. You may refer back to your NCCA applications through the "Applications" tab in the online portal or contact ICE staff for assistance. 
  • Use the guidance and suggested documentation to assist you as you provide narrative responses and evidence to demonstrate compliance to each clause of the Standard.
  • Submit your application and application fee once your application is thoroughly documented and complete.

ICE and IAS Desk Review

  • A team of expert reviewers from ICE and IAS will conduct the desk review.
  • Applicants will have the opportunity to respond to desk review inquiries. Upon submitting a satisfactory response, the onsite audit will be scheduled.

Onsite Audit

  • IAS will contact the PCB schedule onsite two day audit, using team consisting of one IAS and one ICE auditor when possible. Names of auditors will be shared with the PCB so that any concerns or potential conflicts of interest may be addressed.
  • Findings will be submitted in a report with comments, concerns, and corrective actions. This report will also reside in the online system for future reference.

Response to Concerns and Corrective Actions

  • Responses will be submitted to IAS but should also be captured in the online system, along with timeline for implementation. 
  • The application can then be completed successfully, but the conferral of accreditation will happen through IAS once the responses to all concerns and CARs are satisfactory.


  • IAS will issue a certificate with both logos and ICE will update our database accordingly.
  • ICE will update our online directory to reflect new accreditation and link to IAS.
  • IAS will schedule the one year audit and handle dues invoices. The one year audit will be performed using remote-surveillance assessment rather than an onsite visit. This will require PCB completion of a simple questionnaire/checklist completed by the PCB and submission of several reference documents.
  • After the initial onsite audit, a remote assessment will be completed one year after accreditation is granted, and an onsite visit every two years after the initial assessment.

Application Resources

ICE has created and gathered a number of free and purchasable resources to support applicants applying for accreditation to ISO/IEC 17024.

ICE's Consultant/Industry Partner Directory

  • Search under Certification Administration/Management for expertise in “Certification Accreditation Preparation or Standards Compliance"
  • ICE's searchable directory can connect you to providers of services and products as you:
    • create your program to align with the ISO/IEC 17024 Standards,
    • make updates to your program as it grows and expands,
    • prepare to apply for accreditation,
    • and more!

Quality Management Systems:

NCCA and ISO Comparison and Resources for internal audit:

IAS Guidance documents: