Institute for Credentialing Excellence

Pathway to Accreditation

The I.C.E. community includes diverse individuals from different industries and backgrounds. Some of these individuals manage mature, vibrant credentialing programs and services while others are newer to the field or to the accreditation process.

We recognize that not everyone is on the same “path,” nor is everyone at the same “mile marker” in the road.

I.C.E. developed its Pathway to Accreditation to clarify key credentialing terms and concepts. It also provides guidance to assess your program’s readiness for accreditation.

How to Use the Pathway

The Pathway helps you locate where you are in the accreditation process, and guides you down a “path” that may be right for you. Through a series of questions and statements, assess whether you are ready to

  • develop a certificate or certification program,
  • grow an already established program, or
  • explore NCCA or ACAP accreditation.

If you are completely new to the credentialing field, the Pathway can help you learn more about where to begin. The visuals are meant to simplify what may be a confusing process at first.

Who Should Use the Pathway

  • Individuals new to credentialing
  • Individuals considering a certification or certificate program for their organization
  • Individuals looking to grow their organization’s accredited or non-accredited program or programs

Start your journey on the Pathway to Accreditation. Click on the street signs that correspond with your experience with credentialing.