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I.C.E. Organizational Membership

More than ever, employers and end-users value professional credentials from organizations like yours - expecting you to uphold certification best practices and protect the public. ICE exists as an essential resource to meet this demand.

We are different than other credentialing industry associations because we have resources for every professional serving your organization.

About Membership

Our organizational membership structure supports and encourages your organization’s growth. You may add unlimited staff and volunteer leadership to be recognized under your organization's ICE membership: as you each individually deepen your understanding of best practices in credentialing, incorporating them into your daily activities and specific role, you will affect cross-departmental change to collectively evolve your program.

ICE Membership Benefits

Stay Informed of Best Practice To Drive Organizational Strategy
  • Receive reduced pricing on ICE resources: original research, varied publications, webinars, and live workshops
    We bring you the benchmark statistics and industry trends you need to continue to challenge you and your staff to evaluate and improve your processes. We offer resources on topics related to the business of certification; test development, administration, and security; marketing credentials and creating a value proposition; and more.
  • Access free white papers
    ICE's Publications Committee is expanding this portfolio of free member resources. Look forward to white papers on the topics of score reporting, the value of certification, and recruiting and managing subject matter experts for publication in 2015.
Develop Your Entire Team
  • Add unlimited employee or volunteer leadership contacts to be recognized under your organization's membership
    The designated primary contact may add unlimited employee or volunteer contacts to your organization's ICE website membership account. Users receive all member access and discounts; they may also use the ICE website to search for and contact other members.

  • Receive additional discounts for sending multiple staff members through ICE training programs
    Build the industry knowledge of new certification staff or consider the necessary components of developing a new certification program through Certification 101 (also beneficial for volunteer board or committee members). This trainings is available as a full series for multiple users or for individual purchase by topic area.

    You may also consider getting your team recognized as a certificate holder of the "credentialing specialist" credential. The Certificate Program for the Credentialing Specialist was created to 1) identify the tasks required of a certification professional and the skills and knowledge needed to practice, 2) provide a clear career pathway for individuals who are developing, implementing, and maintaining quality certification programs, and 3) recognize those who have attained the requisite skills and knowledge. 
  • Earn CAE credit through ICE live education
    ICE is a pre-approved education provider of ASAE. Live webinars, workshops, and annual conference educational sessions may count for credit toward the application or renewal of the Certified Association Executive (CAE) credential. 
  • Connect your CEO/Executive Director to c-level peers
    ICE serves as a continuous networking hub for credentialing executives - join private online forums and quarterly Executive Conversation calls, attend web-based or live events in our CEO Connect Series, and make plans to participate in executive exclusive events at the ICE Exchange annual conference.
  • Post job openings in ICE's Career Center at discounted rates
    ICE's job board offers competitive pricing in a niche marketplace. ICE members receive discounts on listings and enhanced resume viewing options.
Expand Your Organization's and Team's Professional Network
  • Receive reduced registration rates for the ICE Exchange annual conference
    This premiere industry event gathers over 500 industry professionals from national and international credentialing organizations for 4 days of rich education and networking. Between the concurrent and general sessions, special interest groups, roundtables, Innovation Hall hours, and networking events, you're guaranteed to return to the office with an expanded rolodex of industry contacts and applicable solutions to your most pressing issues.
  • Access the ICE website database to search for industry contacts by job title, organization, or location
    Utilize the ICE database and social media sites to expand your network of credentialing professionals.
  • Post in the new RFP Library
    Distribute your RFP more quickly and widely by posting in ICE's new RFP Library. Exclusive to members-only, supplement and enhance your RFP efforts by allowing ICE industry partners who are not in your immediate network to respond so that you may identify the best product and service solutions for your organization.
Seek Accreditation Services
  • Receive free copies of the NCCA and ICE 1100 Standards and discounts on accreditation applications
    ICE accredits both certification programs (NCCA) and assessment-based certificate programs (ACAP). ICE members receive a free copy of the standards and discounted access to resources that help you better prepare for accreditation.
Increase Your Organization's Name Recognition
  • Showcase your organization in our Online Member Directory
    Certificants often call ICE looking for certification programs in their field. We direct them to the ICE member directory and the NCCA accredited program directory to search for programs in their area. You can edit the published listing yourself in real-time. 
  • Author a white paper
    Showcase your organization's expertise on a topic of interest to our community. White papers are free resources to ICE members, and ICE's Publications Committee is looking to expand the portfolio of offerings at any time.
  • Serve on an ICE committee or task force 
    Only ICE members may volunteer on committees and task forces. Get to know your member community better and gain exclusive insight into ICE's current projects and future developments. This is a great opportunity to network and learn directly from your peers year-round. The call for volunteers runs from October - November, but contact ICE staff about possible open opportunitiesif you are joining mid-year. 
  • Run for open positions on the ICE Board or NCCA Commission
    Only ICE members may run for open ICE leadership positions. Affect change in our association and support improvements in the industry at large. The call for candidates traditionally runs from May - June.


ICE Membership Dues

For $1196/year, every employee may benefit from your organization's membership. Upon joining you will designate one primary contact who will create the organization's profile before adding unlimited contacts who will receive ICE member website access and benefits. The designated primary contact has a few distinct responsibilities, including:

1. Maintaining the organization's profile (assuring accurate information is listed in the public ICE member directory and creating employee or volunteer accounts for those who should be tied to the organization's membership),

2. Casting the organization's vote in the ICE Leadership elections each year, and

3. Accessing the online renewal invoice each December

Please note that ICE's membership cycle is based on a calendar year. Organizations that join mid-year will pay the full membership fee up front and then will be invoiced in November/December with a reduced, pro-rated amount for renewal of the following membership year.

Please note that ICE membership dues are non-refundable.

ICE Membership vs. NCCA Accreditation


ICE is a membership organization serving the entire credentialing community. Any organization with interest in ICE education, resources, and networking is welcome to join as a member at any time. Organizational membership does not imply ICE review, approval, or endorsement. However, ICE members may use an ICE "Proud Member" logo to identify their affiliation with ICE's community of credentialing professionals. Although ICE supports the National Commission for Certifying Agencies' (NCCA's) accreditation program, it does not require its members to have their programs accredited. NCCA accreditation is separate and requires a formal submission of an application of a specific certification program with documentation that the certification program meets the NCCA Standards.

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