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I.C.E. Industry Partner Membership

Like you, ICE exists as an essential resource for helping certifying bodies uphold certification best practices and protect the public.

We value our industry partners for the innovation, collaboration, and support you provide in furthering our mission of advancing credentialing through education, standards, and research. We invite you to become a member to deepen your relationship with our community of credentialing professionals.

About Membership

Industry Partner Membership Benefits

Stay Informed of Industry Trends and Best Practice
  • Receive discounts on ICE's original research, varied publications, and live or recorded webinars
    We bring you the benchmark statistics and industry resources you need to continue to challenge your clients to evaluate and improve their processes. We're happy to discuss how you can leverage your ICE membership to offer enhanced education directly to your clients.
Increase Your Company's Name Recognition
  • Showcase your company in the public, searchable Industry Partner Directory - which averages 200 views daily ICE staff members often receive inquiries on how to start a certification or certificate program. We showcase our available resources on the subject and then direct them to our industry partner members.
  • Receive discounts on exhibit space and sponsorship opportunities at our annual ICE Exchange conference
    This premiere industry event gathers over 500 industry professionals from national and international credentialing organizations for 4 days of rich education and networking. According to our 2013 ICE Exchange conference evaluation, 64% of our attendees make or influence service/product purchasing decisions while 63% planned to purchase or renew products/services from industry partners at the ICE Exchange.
  • Receive first right of refusal for sponsorship of CEO Connect live workshops
    Sponsorships are limited, and you gain an exclusive seat at the table among credentialing organization decision makers at these intimate events.
  • Access the new, member-only RFP Library.
    Credentialing organization members are invited to submit their RFPs to ICE to post in the RFP Library. Check back regularly so that you have enough time to respond and do not miss out on potential new business opportunities.
Build and Strengthen Your Customer Relations
  • Receive discounts on ICE Exchange conference registrations
    Strengthen your relationships or generate new sales leads by attending the ICE Exchange educational sessions. Even if you do not exhibit or sponsor, registering for the full conference at the ICE member rate will maximize your exposure to our community and provide you insight on their most pressing issues.
  • Access the ICE website database to search for industry contacts by job title, company, or location
    Use your ICE affiliation to begin a conversation! ICE's membership consists of over 350 credentialing organizations and 3,500 individual contacts.
Establish Yourself as a Resource for ICE Accreditation Services
  • Receive free copies of the NCCA and ICE 1100 Standards and discounted accreditation resources
    Individuals and organizations may come to you expecting help preparing accreditation applications through NCCA (accreditation for certification programs) or ACAP (accreditation for assessment-based certificate programs). As a member, you can receive a free copy of the standards and discounted resources which help better familiarize you with the acceptable practices required for compliance.
Showcase Your Thought Leadership By Volunteering 
  • Volunteer on an ICE committee or task force
    Only ICE members may volunteer on committees and task forces. Get to know your community better through volunteer work. Gain exclusive insight into ICE's future developments and influence/contribute to current projects of the association. The call for volunteers runs from October - November each year, but please contact ICE staff for open opportunities if you are joining mid-year.
  • Author a white paper
    Showcase your expertise on a topic of interest to our community. White papers are free resources to ICE members, and ICE's Publications Committee is looking to expand the portfolio of offerings at any time.

Industry Partner Membership Types and Annual Dues

There are two types of Industry Partner memberships: one for for-profit and non-profit businesses that supply products, facilities, or consulting services to credentialing organizations (sustaining members) and one for independent consultants who supply limited services to credentialing organizations (affiliate members).

Sustaining Members: $4535/year

This membership type consists of for-profit and non-profit business organizations that supply products or services to credentialing organizations. Sustaining members include: consulting firms, testing firms, corporate groups, legal firms, and publishing companies. This membership type is a company membership, and every employee may receive member benefits and member website access. Sustaining members have voting privileges in the ICE leadership elections. Qualified representatives are also eligible to hold ICE elected and appointed offices.

Upon joining you will designate one primary contact who will create the company's profile before adding unlimited contacts who will receive ICE member website access and benefits. The designated primary contact has a few distinct responsibilities, including:

1. Maintaining the company's profile (assuring accurate information is listed in the public ICE member directory and creating employee or volunteer accounts for those who should be tied to the company's membership),

2. Casting the company's vote in the ICE Leadership elections each year, and

3. Accessing the online renewal invoice each November/December

Please note that ICE's membership cycle is based on a calendar year. Companies that join mid-year will pay the full membership fee up front and then will be invoiced in November/December with a reduced, pro-rated amount for renewal of the following membership year.

Please note that ICE membership dues are non-refundable.

Affiliate Members: $2348 /year

This membership type is for individuals who provide services to credentialing organizations, including consultants, accountants, psychometricians, lawyers, and education and conference service providers. Affiliate members do not have voting privileges in ICE leadership elections nor can they hold elected offices. 

Please note that ICE's membership cycle is based on a calendar year. Individual affiliates that join mid-year will pay the full membership fee up front and then will be invoiced in November/December with a reduced, pro-rated amount for renewal of the following membership year.

Please note that ICE membership dues are non-refundable.

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