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Why Continuing Certification is Important

Together we demonstrate why continuing certification is important.

Certification programs are often time-limited to ensure that the knowledge and skills earned reflect the current landscape of an industry or a profession. In most instances, certificants are required to continue their certification through a professional development component and/or take a periodic assessment.

Continued certification documents and supports practitioner skills and knowledge are up-to-date and reflect current best practices and accepted standards of an industry or field. Without continued education, and in some instances, frequent testing, those who earn certification could experience a gap in knowledge needed to succeed and provide the appropriate level of care or service.

Certification provides great value to an individual’s career and skill level. The absence of continued evaluation and learning will weaken this value.

Value of continued certification includes:

  • Continued learning that improves effectiveness, safety, and efficiency of practice
  • Demonstration of commitment to increase knowledge and job performance over time
  • Recognition by insurers, regulators, hospitals, public, or clients as meeting high standards
  • Continuous alignment with evolving industry requirements and standards
  • Better processes, improved outcomes, and/or cost savings associated with job performance

Commitment to Public Safety

Public safety and protection is prominent in every career field, weather pertaining to financial guidance, medical support, personal training, food services, or legal support. Your clients, customers, or patients expect that certification documents that skills and knowledge are following today’s best practices.

It is due to our commitment to public safety and protection that continuing to learn and develop skills is important. Gaps in knowledge or out-of-date skills puts the public at risk of harm and unintended consequences.

Why Continued Certification is Under Attack

continuing certification become under attack?