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International Expansion Checklist

When intending to implement an international credential, credentialing professionals will need to consider many variables in the interest of formulating the best strategy for implementation. I.C.E.'s International Credentialing Task Force developed a checklist of questions that provide both simple and more complex considerations and represent different variables in place prior to, during, and post-implementation of an international credential. 

I.C.E. International Exam Expansion-Basic Checklist

I.C.E. International Exam Expansion-Deep Dive Checklist 

Credentialing Insights Articles

Credentialing Insights is the official online journal for I.C.E., featuring content that focuses on credentialing best practices, legal issues, case studies, association news, member profiles, industry thought-leadership and more. 

Health Credentialing Organization Takes a Global Perspective on Accreditation

Following the ‘Less Traveled’ Quality Road

International Credentialing Expansion Research Report

This research report describes the results of two data collections conducted by the International Expansion Task Force for the I.C.E. Research and Development Committee. Data was collected at the 2016 and 2017 I.C.E. Exchanges during the Research and Development Summit. The data collection was spread across two years to increase the number of participants and to provide a mild consistency check. The purpose of these brief surveys was to collect data from professionals operating within established organizations that offer credentialing options and vendors that support credentialing programs. In 2016, 129 respondents participated in the survey; in 2017, 122 participants responded. Not all respondents answered every question.

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International Expansion of Credentialing Organizations Podcast

For credentialing organizations considering international expansion, there are a number of factors to consider. Can your business model support this expansion? What is the market for credentialing like in the countries you’re seeking to expand into? What follows is a conversation between Terrance Barkan CAE, founder and chief strategist at GLOBALSTRAT, and Margaret Bloom, Esq., director of regulatory affairs and chief legal counsel to the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. Terrance has more than 25 years consulting in global activities and is the author of "Global Growth Strategies: The International Association," a well-regarded reference document used by hundreds of association board and staff members to prepare for international strategic discussions.

In this interview, Terrance shares his expertise, insights and strategies for credentialing organizations considering or already engaged in international and global expansion of a US-based certification program.

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Certification: The I.C.E. Handbook, 3rd Edition

The Institute for Credentialing Excellence has updated the Certification: The I.C.E. Handbook, a step-by-step guide to designing and implementing effective professional certification programs, written by recognized experts and your I.C.E. colleagues with applied knowledge of practical experience. The book is a practical and useful guide for those developing new certification programs, those who want to improve the quality of their programs, and those who plan to seek accreditation of their programs. Even those who do not plan to seek accreditation will benefit from the knowledge in this book as a means to improve their certification programs.

Chapter 11: International Certification

  • Planning as a Strategic Process
  • Components of a Well-Formed Business Case
  • Pricing Statregies
  • Psychometric Considerations and Issues
  • Translation Versus Localization vs. Adaption
  • Legal Considerations
  • Sustaining an International Program
  • And More!

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Considerations for International Expansion: Flipped Classroom Workshops

May 30, 2023 | June 1, 2023 | June 6, 2023
1pm - 3pm ET

This workshop is designed for anyone interested in global expansion of their certification program, from those in the information-gathering stage to those ready to take their first steps. Course participants will receive access to I.C.E.’s online course Considerations for International Expansion upon registration. Complete one module at a time (takes approximately 30 minutes) or the full program (approximately 90 minutes total), whichever suits your schedule. 

Then meet together as a cohort to discuss the concepts presented in each module and engage in a facilitated  discussion on the questions you have about your program. Leave with the tools and resources you need to make a thoughtful decision on whether or not to expand your certification abroad, guidance on next steps for your program, and a network of credentialing colleagues to connect with for any future questions.

 Module 1: Why and How to Expand your Certification Programs Abroad
 Module 2: Legal Issues 
 Module 3: Taking Your Certification International or Global

 I.C.E. Member: $495 Members  | Non-Member: $595