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Share Your Certification Story

Together we demonstrate why continuing certification is important.

Becoming certified and continuing your certification is often a choice. This choice can be driven by job requirements or professional improvement. In every instance, the choice to become certified and to continue your certification means you have chosen to better your expertise by investing in your skills.

We need your help in sharing why continuing education is important and how it advanced a career or profession.

  • Why do you decide to continue your certification journey?
  • Why is continuing your certification important to you?
  • How has certification helped improve the safety or welfare of those you serve?
  • How has your field been impacted by certification and recertification requirements?


Certification Program
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Certification Holder
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How We Will Share Your Story

I.C.E. will be sharing your certification stories with key stakeholders, including legislators, I.C.E. members, and I.C.E. partners to help us demonstrate why continuing certification is needed. With your help, we will prove to legislators that weakening standards is not the answer.