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PLEASE NOTE: ICE's Business of Certification Benchmarks data collection for FY18 will open up later this spring. If you are interested in participating and would like to be made aware once data collection opens, please provide your contact information.

Business of Certification Benchmarks

ICE introduces Business of Certification Benchmarks — an interactive, online benchmarking platform that measures key performance indicators from credentialing organizations and provides dynamic, personalized reporting.

Receive benchmark data related to the business aspects of operating a credentialing organization that is timely and relevant to your organization.


Benchmarking data compares your organization, operations, and practices against other organizations in your industry and the broader marketplace. Through data analysis, benchmarking information can show gaps in your processes and identify new opportunities to improve performance and gain a competitive edge. Data collection and reporting includes:

  • Sources of revenue
  • Expense allocation
  • Program operation decisions
  • Certification fees
  • Certification activities handled in-house vs. outsourced
  • Marketing methods
  • And much more!

Compiled in aggregate, the benchmarking data provides valuable information about the state of the certification industry. Please note, all data is confidential.

Your Participation is Crucial! And Free!

Data Collection for ICE Organizational Members and Credentialing Organizations

ICE organizational members and non-members from credentialing organizations are strongly encouraged to enter your data. This group includes employees of an association, certifying group, or government agency. The more data we collect, the more dynamic and accurate the tool will be for the credentialing community. 

Data collected by June 30, 2018 was included in the survey summary report which is available to all members who complete at least 50% of the survey along with those who have a platform subscription. 

Instructional Webinar

ICE hosted an instructional webinar that dove deep into the platform benefits and long-term value. The webinar also covered platform basics and how to navigate the tool. We highly recommend taking the time to watch this webinar before utilizing the platform.

Watch the instructional webinar now to learn more!  

Development of Business of Certification Benchmarks

Historically, the ICE R&D Committee published research reports providing benchmark data related to the business aspects of operating a credentialing organizations.

The ICE R&D committee has updated the survey instrument to collect your benchmarking data for the Certification Benchmarking Report, and invested in a versatile and interactive benchmarking platform. The platform simplifies data collection, allows multiple staff members to input data on their area of expertise, and virtually automates data analysis.

The platform allows you to generates customizable reports, providing relevant insights on business practices, program development, and financial performance on filters you select. This platform will make the data collected much more meaningful for you and your strategic analysis of how your organization compares to other credentialing programs.

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