Creating & Maintaining a Test Security Plan 

About This Webinar

Benjamin Hunter
Technology Product Manager and Sales Director, Caveon

Jennifer Geraets
Senior Test Security Analyst, ACT, Inc.

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Security is a critical consideration for any testing organization, and the foundation for a successful security program is a strong security plan. This webinar will cover the basics of how to build a strong security plan from the ground-up, provide recommendations for prioritizing limited budgeting resources, and offer advice for maintenance of your security plan as your program grows. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the essential elements of creating a test security plan 
  • Understand how to support a test security plan with budget and personnel 
  • Understand the frequency and considerations involved in maintaining a test security plan 

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About the Presenters
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Ben Hunter is the Technology Product Manager and Sales Director at Caveon. He previously served as the Senior Manager, Test Development and Maintenance at the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS), where he was responsible for all aspects of development and maintenance of the SAFE MLO exam for Mortgage Loan Originators. In addition, while at the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB), he developed PTCB's security plan from scratch, and was responsible for the ongoing management and administration of PTCB's security program to ensure exam validity, reliable results, and a secure, consistent testing experience for candidates. From item development through the awarding of a certification, security is a consistent part of PTCB's program. Ben served previously as an officer on the ATP security committee (ATPSC), and was involved in the creation of the 2015 publication of the ATPSC'S "Legal Protection of Assessment Content" document, as well as serving as the lead analyst for the ATPSC 2015 Security Survey, published Q4 2015. 
Jennifer Geraets is a Senior Test Security Analyst at ACT, Inc., where she conducts advising and investigatory activities for several of ACT’s testing products across its education and workforce continuum.  She has presented at several industry conferences, including the Association of Test Publishers (ATP), Conference on Test Security (COTS), National College Testing Association (NCTA), and Questionmark conferences.  She helped organize and currently serves as Program Chair for the Test Security Credentialing Peer Group, an organization dedicated to enabling credentialing testing organizations to exchange test security-related information, develop best practices, and educate others about the credentialing testing industry.  She also serves as Vice Chair of the ATP Workforce Skills Credentialing Division Security Subcommittee.  Prior to joining test security, she was focused on supporting ACT’s postsecondary products from an operational standpoint.   Before joining ACT, she was a bilingual kindergarten teacher in the Houston, Texas area.