Certification: The I.C.E. Handbook, 3rd Edition

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The Institute for Credentialing Excellence has updated the Certification: The I.C.E. Handbook, a step-by-step guide to designing and implementing effective professional certification programs, written by recognized experts and your I.C.E. colleagues with applied knowledge of practical experience. The book is a practical and useful guide for those developing new certification programs, those who want to improve the quality of their programs, and those who plan to seek accreditation of their programs. Even those who do not plan to seek accreditation will benefit from the knowledge in this book as a means to improve their certification programs. 

The new edition, with 31 chapters, addresses many things that were not included previously. Among the new general topics are obligations to the public, construct development, and business planning and strategy. Law is a topic of much greater emphasis in the new edition, with chapter that surveys certification law, augmented by a standalone chapter on ethics and discipline, and an updated chapter on governance. For the first time, accommodating disabilities has its own chapter, co-authored by an expert on disabilities and an expert on accommodations law. The section on examination development and use has been expanded from eight chapters to 12, and includes an entire chapter offering guidance for small programs. Recertification has three chapters that address goals and philosophy, measurement of continuing competence, and methods for evaluating recertification programs. There are two chapters on technology and very helpful chapters for even the most knowledgeable on the future of certification and innovations in certification and assessment.

The handbook was expertly edited by James Henderson, PhD. 

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