Archived Publications

2017 Publications

2017 Q4

Honoring Joan Knapp
Removing Roadblocks and Clearing the Way for Accreditation Success: Part 1
Job Analysis: Beyond the Basics
Adaptive Testing: Multiple Choices, What's the Right Answer?
CEO Profile: Paul Smith, CFA, President and CEO of the CFA Institute

2017 Q3

Retention Rates for Voluntary Certifications
The Value of a Value Proposition Study
CEO Profile: Chuck Ramani, PE, CBO

2017 Q2

Legal Standards for Disciplinary Policies and Procedures for Certification Organizations
When the Needs Assessment for a New Credential Comes Back an Resounding "No!"
Can't Put a Price on It:The Value of Fostering Volunteer and SME Engagement
American Legion to Issue a State of Credentialing of Service Members and Veterans Repor

2017 Q1

     Taking Test Security to the Next Level Through Design
       Using Responsive Web Design
       Federal Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Professional Certification Board
       NCCA Standards Revision Recap and Takeaways: What You Need to Know
       Health Credentialing Organization Takes a Global Perspective on Accreditation

2016 Publications

2016 Q4 Edition
       Message from the Executive Director: What Will 2017 Bring?
       The Separation of Certification and Education
       Making NCCA Accreditation Work for You
       Looking for Data in All the Right Places
       How Much is My Certification Really Worth?

2016 Q3 Edition

Message From The Chair: The Benefits of Public Members
Using Data to Restore Trust in Exams

CEO Profile: Denise Fandel, MBA, CAE, The Board of Certification, Inc. for the Athletic Trainer (BOC)
Digital Badging: The Currency of Choice

2016 Q2 Edition

Message From The Executive Director: Disruptive Innovation, or Something Else?
Big Data Speaks Up for Test Security
CEO Profile: Amy Dufrane, EdD, SPHR, CAE, HR Certification Institute
One Size Does Not Fit All: Making Test Security Configurable and Scalable
The ABCs of Assessment-Based Certificate (ABC) Program Accreditation

2016 Q1 Edition

Message From The Executive Director: Read, Click, Connect
Message From the Chair: Credentialing Meets Customer-Centricity
National Focus on Credentialing
CEO Profile: Paul Grace, MS, CAE, The National Board for the Certification of Occupational Therapists

Bringing the "Why" into the Wizardly World of Credentialing

2015 Publications

2015 Q4 Edition

Message From The Chair: Mentoring
Five of the Most Frequent Problem Areas with NCCA Applications
Microcredentials: Administrative Bane or Marketing Windfall?
Re-Defining the Value of Certification: A Case Study in Making Our Message Matter
Content Marketing: Your Best Weapon for Build Brand Awareness
The Journey to Becoming an NCCA-Accredited Program

2015 Q3 Edition

6 Organizations Collaborate on Survey to Determine How Certification Enhances Salary Potential
Overcoming the Threats and Risks of Testing Internationally
Putting the Principles of Assessment Engineering into Practice - Impacts for the Design and Analysis of Job Analysis Surveys
Test Security: A Look Behind the Scenes
5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Remote Proctoring Provider
A Psychometrician's Musings on Recertification: What it Means, What You're Really Assessing and How to Ensure Fairness

2015 Q2 Edition

Coming Together at the National Credentialing Summit
Revised NCCA Standards - 2016 Implementation
The 4th Circuit Reaffirms Judicial Deference to Accreditation Agencies
How Do You Successfully Transition into Global Markets?
Don't Be Caught Off Guard with Inadequate Insurance Coverage
Meet the Authors of Score Reporting: Where Policy Meets Psychometrics
5 Critical Mistakces that Blunt Leadership Effectiveness

2015 Q1 Edition

Growing and Thriving
Key Legal Issues for Certification Bodies: An Ever-Changing Landscape
Reconciling Gamification with Defensible Assessment
Be On Guard for Cybersecurity Breaches
Customer Engagement: The (Often) Missing Ingredient in Certifiers' Success

2014 Publications

2014 Q4 Edition

Meet the Authors of Best Practices for Preparing Your RFPs and RFIs
Going Global: Part Two
Leveraging Your Job Analysis To Assess the Value of Your Certification
Aligning Recertification Expectations with Your Program Goals
CEO Profile: Cary List, President & CEO, Financial Planning Standards Council

2014 Q3 Edition

Goodbye Paper: Recognizing Professional Achievements with Digital Badges
Badging: The End of a Trend
10 of the Top Social Media Resources for Organizations
CEO Profile: William Ellis, Executive Director, Board of Pharmacy Specialties

2014 Q2 Edition

Adding Value for Certificants
A Study of Alternate Item Formats in Accredited Certification Programs
Proposed ADA Regulations Would Impact Assessment Industry
Certification Exams and Disparate Impact
Leading in Crisis: The Four Traps of Decision Making

2014 Q1 Edition

We Are Accredited … Now What?
Boost Evaluation Metrics: Instigate a Mystery Shopping Program
Applying What We Know: Credentialing Organizations and the Power of Data
Teaching an Item Writer to Fish
American Council on Exercise Launches Certification Scholarship

2013 Publications

2013 Winter Edition

Test Delivery Options: “It’s Not Complicated, More Is Better Than Less”
Two Heads Are Better Than One
The Value of Reassessing Certification Work Practices
Planning Your Own Chaos
The Art of Developing and Scoring Constructed Response Questions
The Public’s Perception of Certification 

2013 Fall Edition

Evaluating Your Recertification Program: Important Questions to Consider
The Value of Credentials to Careers and Organizations
Leverage the Web to Drive your Certification Program
'The Trust Business’: A Look at the Industry from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards
Book Profile: The Question of Competence: Reconsidering Medical Education in the Twenty-First Century
How to Keep a Positive Attitude in Challenging Times

2013 Summer Edition

Digital ‘Badges’ Emerge as Part of Credentialing’s Future
Background Checks in the World of Certification
Conducting Value Proposition Studies to Enhance Credentialing Programs
Troop Talent Act of 2013 

2013 Spring Edition

Integrate it! Design and Execute an Integrated Marketing Campaign for your Certification
Upgrading Your Code of Ethics and Disciplinary Procedures: Practical and Legal Considerations
Psst! Do You Know Privacy? 
Open Source Technology Offers Certification and Licensure Organizations Flexibility, Eliminates Software Licensing Fees
Six Ways to Motivate Top Talent in Demotivating Times 

2012 Publications

2012 Winter Edition

Public Awareness: Empowering Consumers to Seek Certified Professionals
NCCA Standards: A Framework for Building a Quality Certification Program
Know How to Provide Feedback to the Failed Candidate
The National Certification Corporation’s Transition to a Professional Development Certification Maintenance Model 
Who Knows Best? Responding to Stakeholders Needs for New Credentials 
Facilitating Veterans’ Employment through Credentialing: Understanding the Needs and Opportunities
Let the Numbers Do the Talking: Using Surveys to Demonstrate the Benefits of Certification 

2012 Fall Edition

Rescue Me: The Art of Reputation Recovery and Rebuilding Integrity
Establishing the Rigging and Signaler Training Certificate Program
Credential Management: Does Your Program Have a Robust Solution
Key Elements in Launching a Recertification Program
Size Matters: Addressing Item Bank Deficits Rapidly and Effectively
No Risk Certification: Transforming the Model through Innovation

2012 Summer Edition

Introduction of Proficiency-Based Certification
Migration from Multiple-Choice Exam to a Computer-Based Modular Essay Examination for Ethics & Boundaries Assessment
Classroom Equivalency Hours in e-Learning Program
Non-Profit, For-Profit, and Benefit Corporations 

2012 Spring Edition

ICE Attends National Credentialing Summit on Veteran Employment
Book Review: Exceptional Certification 
Certificate or Certification: Which Option is Best for Accomplishing Your Goals?

Creating Value through Values
Updating Innovative Item Type