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I.C.E. has a strong tradition of research excellence. Our research reflects the current state of the industry, with a mission to better inform the individuals leading credentialing organizations. Many aspects of credentialing will always require on-going analysis, while other, cutting-edge trends require the establishment of baseline information in order to progress.

I.C.E. believes in the future of the credentialing community and believes your involvement is the key to the success of its R&D agenda. With your support, I.C.E. can continue to deliver a rigorous research program that improves I.C.E. member organizations and the programs they administer.

Chuck Vacchiano, PhD, CRNA, President of the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA), explains why they support I.C.E.’s R&D program:

As we seek to incorporate industry best practices and outcome measures for the certification and recertification of nurse anesthetists, we rely on I.C.E. as a reliable source of this information. Over the past several years I.C.E. R&D efforts have produced invaluable industry resources related to the trends in certification, test development and delivery, continuous assessment based on lifelong learning, and other information relevant to the credentialing community. The research carried out by I.C.E. is a valuable tool that helps us ensure that the credential earned by nurse anesthetists continues to be regarded as a standard of excellence." 

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How to Support the Research and Development Program

You can support the Research and Development Program through two options.

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If you are ready to give, log-in to the I.C.E. website and use the links at the various giving levels below to make your donation. The links below will generate a donation invoice for an amount of your choice. Once generated, you will have the option to print the invoice and mail a check payment or to pay immediately by credit card.

*Please note donations at the Benefactor and Dennis Faulk Ambassador levels can only be accepted by check payment.

Level Benefits


$100 - $499

Give at the Friend Level

Benefits Include:

  • Name listed on the I.C.E. website
  • Name listed in mobile app at the annual conference (advance deadlines may apply)
  • A special thank you from the I.C.E. Executive Director
  • Enter a drawing to win one (1) free annual conference registration (advance deadlines may apply)


$500 - $999

Give at the Partner Level

All benefits from previous level, plus:

  • Name (individual or company) listed inside back cover of any R&D products in giving year
  • Complimentary copy of one (1) R&D product (I.C.E.'s choice of product from current or previous year's publications)
  • Name highlighted at the annual conference


$1,000 - $2,999

Give at the Patron Level

All benefits from previous level, plus:

  • One (1) complimentary copy of all R&D products released in giving year (usually 2-3 R&D products released each year)


$3,000 - $6,499

Give at the Leader Level

All benefits from previous level, plus:

  • R&D Supporter pin and/or ribbon given during R&D Summit at annual conference
  • Photo or logo included in website listing
  • One (1) complimentary webinar purchase (live or on-demand)
  • Invitation to the Chair's Reception at the annual conference with I.C.E. leaders and special guests


$6,500 - $9,999

Give at the Benefactor Level

*Check payment only.

All benefits from previous level, plus:

  • Early release version of products with opportunity to provide marketing testimonials
  • Extra tickets (limits may apply) to the Chair's Reception at annual conference
  • One (1) complimentary pre-conference registration

The Dennis Faulk Ambassador(s)


Give at the Dennis Faulk Ambassador Level

*Check payment only.

All benefits from previous level, plus:

  • Plaque presentation at the annual conference
  • Recognition at any industry events where research is presented

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