Professional Certification Coalition 

In recent months we have seen challenges to voluntary professional credentialing across the country. While we have had success in some states in pushing back against this legislation, we know that 12 states introduced bills concerning to the association community this year. We expect to see more legislation introduced around the country in January when many state legislatures begin their work for 2019.

In order to proactively bring the association community together to combat this legislation, American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) and The Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) have formed the Professional Certification Coalition (PCC) with the assistance of the Pillsbury Law Firm. The mission of the PCC is to inform the state legislative process about voluntary professional certification in the face of state legislative initiatives that would restrict, or even ban certification.

In most cases, legislation has been introduced to reduce burdens on employment by cutting back on occupational licensing. Non-governmental professional certification programs have been affected by those initiatives, whether intentionally or not. Only a concerted effort by a large and focused coalition of certification organizations resulted in neutralizing that legislation in the form that ultimately passed and was signed into law. Read about legislation in Louisiana and Missouri.

The PCC urges participation from all those involved in professional certification, including certification agencies and programs themselves, professional societies that conduct or support certification, and nonprofits or companies that provide services to professional certification programs.

The PCC will be a nationwide effort to monitor for this legislation, to interface with stakeholders supporting and opposing such legislation, and, in states where necessary, to engage in lobbying with the expectation of replicating the success in Louisiana. ICE and ASAE will serve as the steering committee for the Coalition.

Please feel free to share this with any interested colleagues in the community. Any organization or company involved in professional certification is urged to learn more about the Professional Certification Coalition and to consider joining its efforts.

Please forward all questions to Denise Roosendaal at To obtain general information about the Professional Certification Coalition or to join, please contact or visit the coalition webpage.