Professional Certification Coalition 


With support from a legal team at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, ICE and ASAE formed the Professional Certification Coalition (PCC) to promote and represent non-governmental professional certification organizations and programs and their service providers. The PCC advances the best interests of those who use or rely on professional certification—such as employers, reimbursers and the general public—as well as of individual professionals themselves who achieve professional certification status. 

To commemorate the 2 year anniversary of the PCC, please read our Accomplishments and Prospectus document by clicking the graphic.

The PCC had been monitoring and analyzing bills introduced in the 2020 state legislative sessions that impact private certification. The PCC had identified over 85 bills in 30 states across the nation that affect private certification in four principal contexts:

  • Occupational Licensing Reform
  • Governmental versus Private Certification
  • Consumer Choice Acts (or Right to Earn a Living Acts)
  • Criminal Conviction Re-entry Legislation

The PCC urges participation from all those involved in professional certification, including certification agencies and programs themselves, professional societies that conduct or support certification, and nonprofits or companies that provide services to professional certification programs.

The PCC is also involved in several pieces of federal legislation including:

  • HR 5339 Freedom to Invest in Tomorrow’s Workforce Act (Spanberger/Wittman– allow IRS 529 plans for skills training and certification
  • Fair Chance Licensing Act (Booker) – working to amend to make clear that the Act does not permit private causes of action against professional certification organizations.
Please feel free to share this with any interested colleagues in the community. Any organization or company involved in professional certification is urged to learn more about the Professional Certification Coalition and to consider joining its efforts.

"The Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB) enthusiastically participates in and supports the activities of the PCC. Our organization has two full-time government relations staff members, and we already track and monitor about 90 bills each year related just to dentistry. The time and effort it would require to read, analyze, monitor and potentially communicate about 80+ additional bills related to the critical issues that the PCC follows for its members would far exceed the bandwidth of our small department. The work done by PCC staff to provide expert analysis of complicated bills and to draft proposed amendments is excellent. Equally important to DANB has been the ability to impress upon legislators the breadth and scope of the possible negative consequences of certain potentially harmful legislative provisions by joining together with our peer organizations and speaking with one voice.

The formation of a coalition of unified voices has also allowed the certification industry to become part of the larger national conversation about occupational licensure and regulatory reform. At a time when influential organizations are promoting reforms that have the potential to affect many of the professionals certified by ICE members, it is critical that we create opportunities to provide our input to the key influencers in these conversations, and the PCC has done just that – speaking on behalf of its members in venues where we would not, as individual organizations, be able to get an audience.

I encourage certification organizations that have not already joined the PCC to do so and contribute to the critical work that is already being done on their behalf."

- Katherine Landsberg, Director, Government Relations, Dental Assisting National Board, Inc.

Please forward all questions to Denise Roosendaal at To obtain general information about the Professional Certification Coalition or to join, please contact or visit the coalition webpage.