New! 2019 ICE Research Award

ICE seeks to recognize individuals and organizations that demonstrate innovative leadership in the credentialing industry, as well as those who have demonstrated outstanding commitment or service. New this year is the ICE Research Award.

The ICE Research Award recognizes an individual or organization that conducted credentialing-related research of particular significance to the ICE community. Specifically, this award recognizes best practice in research as well as the impact on the credentialing community. Examples include research that measures the value of certification, provides evidence to support decision-making, enhances policies or procedures, addresses psychometric issues, or helps solve a specific credentialing problem.

Each submission will be evaluated by an ICE R&D subcommittee. All applications and evaluations will be held confidential. The winning entry will be recognized at the ICE Exchange and post-conference activities.

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Research & Development Overview

ICE's research reflects the current state of the credentialing community: with new reports released each year, ICE continues to supply data to help support and address the challenges faced by credentialing organizations and the programs they administer.

The mission of ICE's Research and Development (R&D) program is to better inform the individuals leading credentialing organizations. Many aspects of credentialing will always require ongoing analysis while other cutting-edge trends require the establishment of baseline information in order to progress. 

The success of past ICE Research Projects is extensive. The plans for future projects are equally vibrant. ICE has the goal to:

  • develop a professional, scholarly journal;
  • receive and offer research grants to supplement ongoing research efforts;
  • and produce quality research on large industry topics including the value of certification and remote proctoring.

Research & Development Agenda and Priorities

ICE held a full day summit in May 2018 with forty credentialing professionals to help determine what ICE’s research agenda and priorities should look like over the next few years. ICE distributed pre-summit surveys to help collect themes and areas of focus for the discussions. The results are as follows:

  1. Challenges to Credentialing
  2. Career Competency/Professional Development
  3. Credentials and Micro-credentials
  4. Testing and Evaluation
  5. Value of Credentialing

The summit included a panel discussion along with interactive breakout sessions. After compiling and analyzing the results, ICE developed an R&D Agenda Graphic which displays ICE’s activity in progress along with research priorities for 2019 and 2020. The graphic breaks down the priorities between internal and external stakeholders.”

If you are interested in learning more about our summit objectives, outcomes, and takeaways, review the full report today.