WEB19 Program Audits: Why you WANT to be Audited

On-Demand Webinar


Learn the details of a program audit, including what it entails, the resources involved, and the benefits to a certification program. For each topic, an auditor (Dr. Hembry) and auditee (Ms. Ouazzani) will each share their perspective. Dr. Hembry will provide expertise and advice regarding the psychometric aspects of an audit as someone who has provided this service for various programs. In contrast, Ms. Ouazzani will share her thoughts as a program representative who has had certification programs audited.

Learning Objectives

After listening to this on-demand webinar, you will:

  • Understand the meaning of a program audit
  • Understand how a program audit is done, including the various steps and resources involved
  • Understand the value added to a program by completing a program audit

Format: On-demand Webinar
Audience: All levels of credentialing professionals
Duration: Approximately 1 hour, including time for Q&A


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Non-member price: $135

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Dr. Tracey Hembry, Alpine Testing Solutions

Dr. Tracey Hembry has provided psychometric expertise in both education and credentialing for over ten years. She primarily spends her time consulting with clients on the design, development, and implementation of assessment programs. She has also served as an external and independent evaluator of programs focusing on conformance with technical requirements such as federal guidance and accreditation standards. She most enjoys work that allows her to collaborate and create custom solutions that address both the technical and practical needs of a program.

Mamiko Ouazzani small.PNG


Mamiko OuazzaniThe Institute of Internal Auditors

Mamiko Ouazzani has worked with The Institute of Internal Auditors for the last 12 years. Her current role is a director of exam analysis and security, and she is responsible for exam development planning, psychometric analysis, exam content security, and committee management.

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